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4 Common causes of Commercial Fires

Did you know that commercial buildings have a high risk of fire? Not only do fires threaten safety and damage property, but it leads to a lengthy recovery process. 


Commercial fire claims are the next step for commercial building owners who have experienced a fire. A commercial public adjuster will come out and assess the situation for potential compensation, which begins the recovery process for business owners in Texas.  


If you own or manage a commercial building, fire prevention should certainly be at the top of your list. With so many components of commercial buildings, it can seem difficult to manage fire risk. 


But, the first step in mitigating risks is to understand what can cause a fire to begin with. Here are 4 common causes of commercial fires.  


Cooking Equipment 


Whether you own a restaurant or have a kitchen for your employees, your commercial building is at a greater risk of fire. Things like high cooking temps, flammable oils, and grease make fires more likely in commercial spaces.  


Heating Equipment 


Another common cause of fires in commercial buildings is heating equipment. Depending on the climate, your commercial building may require more heat to remain comfortable during the cooler months.  


Unfortunately, mechanical equipment like furnaces, boilers, and radiators have an increased risk of overheating. For commercial buildings, running heating equipment is essential. But if it overheats, there’s a greater opportunity for a fire to start. 


Electrical Equipment and Lighting 


While you may not expect it, electrical equipment and lighting are another common cause of commercial building fires. The electrical components that power your building’s lighting are quite complex. 


Unfortunately, when these wires are faulty, improperly wired, or overloaded, this can be a real fire hazard. Additionally, lighting that overheats or throws off sparks can increase the risk of fires. 


For this reason, it’s important to ensure that all electrical equipment and lighting are up to code and are sufficient for the needs of your facility. This allows you to minimize the risk of fire-causing situations.  




We all know the health risks associated with smoking. But, smoking indoors also poses a threat to your commercial facility. In fact, smoking is so much of a risk factor that most facilities do not allow individuals to smoke indoors or within 25 feet of the building. 


Smoking is a serious hazard because people tend to dispose of cigarettes, cigars, and other materials improperly. This increases the risk of other materials catching on fire within the facility.  


If your commercial facility has just experienced a fire, you may be wondering what to do next. After a fire, you’ll need to file a claim. A commercial public adjuster will come to your facility to help determine your compensation for damages and other losses.  


Here at Texas Fire Claim, we know how important the commercial fire claims process is. If your commercial facility has been impacted by a fire and you need a fair claim, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 


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