Losing your home and personal belongings to a fire is already a devastating experience.

The last thing you want is your homeowners’ insurance company giving you a hard time regarding your claim. That’s where hiring a public adjuster can help. With a public adjuster working for you it can make the process of dealing with your insurance company much easier. Here are some tips for what to do in the event of a fire.

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1. Make a list of everything that is damaged and lost
You’ll want to make a list of everything you lost in the fire. This can take some time, but you want to be sure to start making this list as soon as possible so that you will remember to include everything that has been lost or damaged by the time you file your fire insurance claim.

2. Secure your property to mitigate damage
The insurance company will require you to take reasonable care of your property. Therefore, be sure that you secure your property from further damage. If something is a total loss, of course, this is unnecessary. However, where only one section of your home is damaged, be sure to take proactive measures in preventing further damage.

3. Get Repair Estimates and Document Everything
The insurance company will require an estimate of the fair market value or cost of replacement of damaged property before the fire. Insurance companies will send out their own adjusters, so it’s important to remember that they’ll make decisions in the insurance company’s best interest, not yours. You don’t have to accept the numbers that they throw at you, and that’s where a public adjuster can help. The public adjuster is working for you, to help you get the true value you deserve from your losses.

4. Keep paying your insurance premiums
Many people make the error of discontinuing their insurance premiums once they’ve filed fire insurance claims. This is a huge mistake and you want to make sure you’re still paying your insurance premiums. Your homeowners’ insurance includes liability protection for your home, so if anything else happened after the fire, you’re still covered. If you stop paying your premiums you may not be covered if anything else happens to your home.

5. Hire a Public Adjuster
A good public adjuster will make things a lot easier for you and your family after a devastating loss such as a fire. We know you’ll be upset over what happened, and a public adjuster will be there to help your family as much as possible. They’ll make sure to fight for the most compensation for the damages and losses your home has sustained.

Nobody wants to think about an event such as a fire in their home.

However, accidents do happen and you never know when something might occur to your home. If your home is damaged in a fire it’s important to know the right steps to take. Rather than filing your claim and accepting whatever your insurance company offers, make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Hire a good public adjuster and you’ll be well on your way towards repairing your home and moving past this unfortunate event.