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Home and property destroyed by fire damage

What to Expect From Fire Damage Insurance Claims

After the fire damage, you expect the insurance company to reimburse you. A lot depends on how you deal with everything after the fire damage. We’ll now look into what you should expect for the fire insurance claims.

 1. Seek an Advance from the Insurance Company 

You may have been forced to evacuate depending on the extent of the fire damage. If the insurance company paid for the cost of your evacuation and has agreed to provide an advance to pay for temporary living, then you can expect that they should give this approval. Of course, they will first review your existing policy, talk to your agent, and assess the damage on the property. 

 2. Don’t Take Your Time Completing Fire Damage Insurance Claims 

To avoid late payments or additional interest charges, you need to complete the process promptly. You may have heard stories where the insurance companies would take time to reimburse their clients. However, they have always been caught by the court when they did this. 

 3. Don’t Pay for the Fire Damage Insurance Claims 

You may be able to receive cash advances to cover your expenses for the fire damage. You should avoid paying for the fire claims at all costs because you will just be making a double payment on your part, and it will all go against your claim on your policy. 

 4. Don’t Pay for Your Insurance Company’s Fire Damage Inspection 

It is the responsibility of the insurance company to pay for the inspection of your property. You should not suffer additional financial obligations while waiting for the insurance company to handle the inspection. They inspect your property because they want to determine whether you are entitled to a claim or not. 

 5. Don’t Pay for Deductibles After You File a Claim 

Your deductible is an essential part of your fire damage insurance claims. You need to make sure that your deductible has been paid before filing a claim. You also need to be aware that you may have been charged for a higher deductible than what you are entitled to. 

 6. Don’t Accept Money in Advance for Your Fire Damage Insurance Claims 

Depending on how much money you need in advance, you may want to hire an attorney. You should not pay any money in advance unless they give their approval and accept your terms. You should also avoid paying money before they check your insurance company’s records. 

 7. Do Not Accept Lump Sum Payments for Your Fire Claims 

You may have agreed to accept lump-sum payments for your fire insurance claims. It is usually in your favor to accept this type of payment rather than ask to have the money credited to your account or consider an interest rate that you’ll get for the advance. You should avoid these options because you will end up spending a lot of money without receiving anything from the fire damage insurance claims. 

 Why Hire Texas Fire Claims? 

The attorney will ensure that you’ll get the rightful compensation depending on your insurance policy and the extent of the damage. The attorney will also help you avoid any complications with the insurance company and even the other party involved in the fire damage. 

Why not reach out to Texas Fire Claims today if you need the services of a public adjuster? Experts in our team will be at your service to ensure you receive the rightful compensation that you deserve