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Factory completed destroyed by a large fire

Tips for Filing a Texas Fire Claim

The global fire outbreak records have increased while insurance companies have devised smarter mechanisms to skimp-paying fire insurance claims. You don’t want your insurance company taking advantage of your naivety. And so, acclimatize yourself with the fire claim process and the ingredients to filing a successful fire claim. When an insurance company discovers that your claim has touched on all selling points, they wouldn’t have an option but to compensate you for the property fire losses. These are tips to observe when filing a Texas fire claim.


Inventory of Destroyed Valuables

In maximizing your Texas file claim payout, document and describe every valuable destroyed by the fire. Get the input of family members to get a clear and detailed record of every item you lost. Do not sign or submit the Proof of Loss form before confirming all damaged/ lost items. Seek assistance from your attorney, close friends, bankers, neighbors, and attorney to conduct profound research on lost or damaged items before filing Texas fire claims. To get the best deal from your insurance, you want to provide relevant item photos and detailed descriptions and, if possible, hire the services of Texas public insurance adjusters.


Mitigate Damage by Securing your Property

You have to mitigate the damage and secure your home against further damage. You aren’t required to secure damaged parts of the property, but if a part of your home is okay, take preventive measures to avoid further damage. Among the many damage mitigation techniques to try are:

  • Flaming the embers
  • Erecting a solid fence to deter burglars
  • Taking any property at risk of damage from the scene
  • Covering the roof and walls with holes


Track your Expenses

Your insurance policy’s loss of use clause will ultimately come in handy when your insurance company reimburses you for losses. You want to keep track of every cost incurred for meals, hotel stays, gas, laundry, and other services. Keep receipts of every service you pay for and inform the best Texas public insurance adjusters.


Do not Stop Paying your Premiums

Many homeowners in Texas stop paying insurance premiums soon after they file a claim. Obviously, the fire could have taken a toll on you but discontinuing the payment of the premiums could cost you more. You can speak with your insurance company to reduce the premiums until you recover from the tragedy and get back on your feet.


Hiring a Public Adjuster

The benefits of hiring a public adjuster when handling Texas fire claims are well-known. They get to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, increasing your chances of getting a better deal. While you might want to avoid an adjuster because of the costs, remember that the benefits exceed the costs. When working with a public adjuster, you can understand your policy better and get your case resolved faster. In addition, you get to understand your rights as a policyholder while still saving time otherwise spent trying to run from one office to the other to ensure you’re reimbursed for the losses.

The mental and financial burden you incur after losing your home to fire is massive. Consult an industry-leading public adjuster in Texas to help you secure a better deal from your insurance company.