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Steps to Take After a Fire in Your Business

An unprecedented fire can surely disrupt your business operations and throw you into weeks of legal and financial trouble. In fact, without following an adequate protocol for such an event’s legal and financial factors, the matter can carry on for over a week while your business suffers. 

Even if you are planning to re-open your business, there might still be some legal obligations you would need to take care of while your repairs are finished. 

Therefore, legal and financial errands like payroll, rent, loan payments, and other costs of owning and operating a business require you to follow a certain step-by-step damage control operation that further reduces the risk of extending the legal proceedings and financial standpoints. 

6 Smart Steps to Take After Your Business Has Suffered a Fire 

While you may even be sure of the reason behind the fire enveloping your business facility, some steps ensure you receive whatever is worth in value for commercial property damage and resolve any pending legal and financial issues. Let’s take a look at five steps that may help get to the other side: 

Document Whatever You See 

First, if you have reached your business premises on time of the fire or have seen it unfold, you need to document the whole scene unfolding as it is. It might be overwhelming at the time, but it is only instinctive to capture and document whatever you see to suffice as proof for your insurance company. Taking photographic evidence is also great to document any losses before beginning to repair until the insurance company gets there. 

Get your Insurance Company Onboard 

Now that you have all the photographic evidence of the event unfolding and how the losses were incurred, it is time you involve your insurance company. In fact, this may happen simultaneously as you are documenting the event of fire because you certainly don’t want to wait for the insurance company to take charge of the situation. Reporting the loss as soon as possible ensures that you haven’t missed any compensation or contractual deadlines. 

Allow your Accountant to Weigh in 

Now that you have documented the event and the fire has seized, it is high time you let your accountant or financial advisor weigh in. You may want to learn the exact amount of loss incurred and how much you should be expecting to get in the form of your business fire claim. Your accountant may help you in dealing with the financial factor of this situation better. 

Consult Multiple Contractors for Repairs 

While you may have a regular contractor who works for you and does your repairs, the situation is different this time around. Having suffered a fire at your business premises, you don’t want anyone taking advantage of your vulnerable situation. Therefore, it is only best in your favor if you consult multiple reliable contractors to understand the maximum amount of budget you may need to set aside for renovations and repairs. 

Keep track of your Business Fire Claims. 

Understandably, the situation is extremely unpredictable and overwhelming, but how you handle it can make a lot of difference in a swift and preferable outcome. In fact, good planning and appropriate organizing on your part can make a big difference in how easy it becomes for your business fire claims to be resolved adequately. However, the best way to do this is by documenting everything and keeping a track record of all the parties involved and at work. 

Work with a Public Adjuster 

After a fire at your business premises, dealing with your insurance company can be stressful. You might feel like they’re offering less than what you deserve for the losses that occurred. In this situation, you need a fire claims adjuster on your side. 

Our team of experienced public adjusters at Texas Fire Claims will work for you to make sure you get your claim paid quickly and for a fair amount. You won’t have to deal with your insurance company when you hire our team of experts. 

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