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Residential fire damage

Should You Get a Public Adjuster for Your Texas Fire Claim?

Fires are some of the most destructive occurrences there are. Fires leave you shaken and traumatized since you’ve likely overcome an altercation with your life. After a fire, you don’t want to go through any other loss, so you may want to file your insurance claims as soon as possible.  

However, with the recent trauma of your encounter with fire, you may not want to go through the tedious and complex claims process. You may also not want to get involved in the arduous task of talking to someone about the fire and going through the process of receiving your claim. Thus, you may consider getting a public adjuster to work on your Texas fire claim.  

In the article below, we’ll be discussing what a public adjuster does and why you should get one as soon as possible. 

Reasons to Get a Public Adjuster  

You may still not be sure that you want to get a public adjuster. However, we can assure you that you will start to see the appeal after the reasons we list below. 

1. They Are Insurance Experts 

They know what they should say to the insurance company to get the most out of the claim for you. If you have an injury, you go to a doctor. If there are issues with the law, you hire a lawyer. Fire insurance claims are similar. If you want to get your insurance money, you have to hire someone who knows how the insurance process works.  

A well-reputed public adjuster will know exactly what to do, and you’re hiring them for this service. If you don’t know how the insurance process works or do not want to get involved, hiring a public adjuster is the way to go.  

 2. They Save You Time and Effort 

Having a fire in your home is an incredibly frustrating and stressful time. While some people like putting their all into getting their money back, others are too stressed out from the trauma they have been through and want someone else to take care of it. For such people, insurance adjusters provide a simple route. Reputable public adjusters will take everything out of your hands and handle the situation.  

Since they have a lot of knowledge regarding insurance claims procedures, they are also likely to get the money for you in record time. You don’t have to constantly meet with your insurance company and relive any of the difficult memories attached to losing your valuables or home in a fire. It will save you effort and time as most public adjusters are hired to ensure your minimum involvement.  

3. They Can Increase Your Settlement  

Insurance companies are for-profit organizations, and they generally treat their customers well. However, as a policyholder, it is on you to get the evidence for your claim to them and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the policy you’ve been paying for ages. Public adjusters are experts and know exactly how to deal with insurance companies.  

Remember! You hired them for their expertise. They understand the language and the policies so much better than you can since it is their job to do so. They can communicate with the insurance company effectively and thus convey all you need to get your rightful money.  

Policyholders often can’t get the maximum benefit from their policy because they’re not equipped to talk to the insurance company, ask the right questions or present the holistic evidence that the company needs. However, you can get all of this and more with a public adjuster. You are likely to get more money when you hire a public adjuster.  

What Should You do Before Hiring A Public Adjuster? 

Public adjusters are a great help, especially when you are emotionally and financially burdened by your loss. However, you have to pay them 10% of your entire settlement. Even if you don’t get more money than your claim, you still have to pay the public adjuster.  

You also want to ensure that the public adjuster is registered so you don’t end up being conned. 

You should also ask the public adjuster how much they charge for their services; try your best to negotiate a lower fee.  

Before signing the contract, you should also ensure that they answer the following questions: 

  1. Will you inspect my damaged property? 
  2. Will you ask my insurance company for a larger amount?  
  3. How long till I get my claim? 

Texas Fire Claims—Your One Stop for a Public Adjuster  

Hiring a public adjuster can save you a lot of time and money. However, this can only happen if you hire a reputable adjuster. Here at Texas Fire Claims, we have a team of experienced public adjusters who will work with you to ensure that you get the maximum from your claim. We also try to ensure that the process is easy and doesn’t give you too much grief.  

You can get a fire claim quote at (833) 899-FIRE or send us a message at [email protected]